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The facts below refer to Aqualite’s interior pool and wall epoxy rejuvenation

How long does it take for the entire process?

Aqualite needs approximately two weeks of acceptable weather to refinish an average size home pool.

Do you need to do anything to prepare the pool for the Aqualite Rejuvination process?


Does the pool need to be emptied prior to the Aqualite rejuvenation process?

Yes, Aqualite will empty the pool.

How long do we have to wait to swim in the pool after treatment?

You will be able to swim immediately after the pool is filled. 

Do you need to use a tanker truck to fill the pool after completion of the Aqualite restoration process?

No. There is no need to fill the pool with an expensive tanker truck. You can fill the pool with a garden hose if you want.

Is there any special maintenance needed after the Aqualite restoration process?

No. Maintenance is easier after the process. With an ordinary plaster pool, algae can get into the pores of the plaster. With the Aqualite process there is no pores for algae to penetrate.

Is the Aqualite surface slippery?

No. Steps are treated specially so they are safe for traffic.

Is the Aqualite rejuvenation process more expensive than replastering?

No. The Aqualite rejuvenation process is considerably cheaper than re-plastering. 

Can Aqualite Pool and Landscape / Hardscape do tile and coping work at the same time the Aqualite’s rejuvenation process work is being done?

Yes. The Aqualite consultant will test the tile and coping and recommend whether they should be replaced at the same time.