Pools and Spas

Pool and Landscape / Hardscape Designers.

Landscape / Hardscape and Hot Tub Services.

Organic Gardening: Design / Installation / Maintenance.

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Refinish your Existing Pool. Book now before pool opening.

Renew your pool walls and floor with aqualite rejuvanation epoxy. Hides repairs, chipping, loose plaster, discolorations and stains. Makes pool maintenance easier. Long lasting and smooth to the touch.

Looks Great!

New Pool or Redesign an Existing Pool

For all your landscape/hardscape and pool needs. Aqualite Pools will design and build your personal custom swimming pool or design and renovate your existing pool to your dreams. We can design your landscape/hardscape to enhance your pool and home, including tree screening for your personal privacy.

Garden Design and Installation Services

Accompany your pool with a new, low-maintenance garden design. Our garden designs feature colorful flowers to give you that tropical feel.